Paris, Hong Kong


Limitless R language thanks to Quasardb and Blue Soft

Our partners, Quasardb and BlueDsx, the Blue Soft data-sciences lab, have the pleasure to announce their cooperation in order to unlock all the R language potential. By combining the infinite treatment capacities of the data with the power of the R language, we are able to greatly expand the R language potential.

From now on, users can manipulate the data located in a Quasardb cluster seamlessly, thanks to a perfect and transparent integration within the R language. This functionality is the result of the cooperation between R language experts and system programming experts. It opens a lot of possibilities and new applications, and can also allow users to shorten the development time by deploying in production directly for the R code.

The R language is one of the standards from data-sciences. It occupies a particular place in the market, due to its incontestable leadership in terms of amount of available and open-source packages. The variety of available algorithms in this environment is impressive. Otherwise, it is one of the most favorite languages in the data-sciences researchers’ community.

Quasardb is a very high speed and massively parallel data management system used in demanding applications such as the market finance, the aeronautic industry and the retail. Thanks to Quasardb, users can earn a lot of performance, reliability and flexibility.

About Blue Soft

Leader in the domain of the data at the core of information systems, Blue Soft works since 10 years in the infrastructure adaptation to the new functional needs their clients.

Today, Blue Soft is composed of more than 400 experts accompanying companies in their digital transformation of their crafts. Its three main activity poles are:

– Accompaniment to the digital mutation

– Data Management

– Resilience and security

Implanted in Europe, precursors in the implementation of technical and functional solutions for the uses of tomorrow, the Blue Soft teams get strongly involved in innovation, especially through their data-sciences lab called BlueDsX. This lab is animated by Henri Laude, author of the book to come in few days : “Data scientist & R language”.


About Quasardb

Founded in 2008 by Edouard Alligan, joined in 2012 by Jean-Claude Tagger, Quasardb is a high performance data base editor, located in Paris. Quasardb allows companies to treat large amounts of data, with a very high speed and safely. Its logic, based on tags coupled to a transactional motor, allows an instantaneous, flexible and reliable requests management.

Companies using Quasardb evolve in competitive environment where no compromise between speed and reliability can be done. The sectors the most represented are the finance, the research, the IOT and the real-time advertising.

Henri Laude